Become a mobile mentor to a vulnerable young girl and help empower her to achieve her goals and dreams. All you need is a smartphone.



Neha Molasaria

I have been teaching young children for a while and always look for new opportunities to share my experiences and knowledge with them. I feel mentoring is the perfect platform for this

Shloka Russell Mehta

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” -Dr. Seuss. I read this quote a while ago, while I was in college and it stuck with me. I think having the opportunity to influence a young mind, and help them realise their potential is an incredibly powerful thing. Mentoring is, according to me, the best way to have a deep impact on someone’s life, and to make a difference that will last forever.

Jahnavi Jha

I believe if you have knowledge, share it across. Educate and spread smiles so that it becomes a cyclic effect and no generation goes without the education.

Shriranjani Venkatraman

My motivation for mentoring was to share my experience and make a difference in the way my mentees journey. In the process I have learnt and discovered a lot about myself as well.

How it works

  1. Find out if you’re eligible by completing a short survey. Start by clicking the Apply Now Button.
  2. Take a few minutes to complete our application form.
  3. Schedule an interview time with the Mentor Together team and submit additional documents.
  4. Meet our team in a telephonic or Skype interview.
  5. Download our app and begin our mobile mentoring training.
  6. We’ll match you with a mentee.
  7. Start your mentoring journey on our app, it’s that simple.


Mentor To Go is an exciting new mentoring program from Mentor Together, a non-profit organisation established in 2009. Mentor Together’s mission is to provide at risk children and youth facing adversity with lasting, fun and empowering one-on-one relationships with mentors in order to help them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Mentor To Go is our distance mentoring program. Mobile mentoring allows mentees to engage with mentors using our smartphone app instead of meeting in person. Our app allows mentors to call their mentee, access the mobile mentoring curriculum and learn from other mentors. This system is particularly effective in situations where girls may not have ready access to mentors.

Our mentees are girls between the ages of 15 – 18 living in low-income households. They are based in rural and peri-urban areas of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Most girls attend formal schooling, while others do not. We have recruited girls who crave guidance and knowledge, and we have further ensured that we have the consent of their parents for the girls’ participation.

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic mentors. If you’re an accomplished female professional who is educated, independent and positive; keen to enrich your own life as well as the lives of others then you’re an ideal candidate. Our mentors are relatively tech and social media-savvy women who own a smartphone.

Interested? All applicants must be:

  • Female
  • Able to make a 10 month commitment to your mentee, wherein you can be available for your mentee for at least 4 hours per month
  • Have regular access to an Android smartphone throughout this period
  • Based in India
  • Able to submit a verification document for background check

Our aim is to build meaningful relationships. We do this through a two step process. First, we use use an internally developed algorithm to best match mentors and mentees according to academic, career and personal interests. From there, our program team makes assessments about the suitability of these potential pairings and then makes a final decision on the pair.

All phone calls between you and your mentee will be routed through the Mentor To Go app. This means that the calls will be free of cost to you and your mentee. We also want to ensure the privacy of both you and your mentee, which is why the Mentor To Go app hides your phone numbers, address, and any other personal information.

All new relationships take a little while to become familiar but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our detailed training will prepare you for your mentoring experience.
You’ll also have access to a mentoring curriculum through our Mentor To Go app. The curriculum will help you to establish a connection with your mentee and further help your mentee develop important life skills.

No, that’s the beauty of Mentor To Go – you can mentor from anywhere in India! All you need is a smartphone and our app. However, mentors must be able to speak the same language as their mentee (Kannada, Marathi, and in limited cases, Hindi).