Become a mobile mentor to youth from low-income families across India. Empower them to achieve their goals and dreams. All you need is an Android smartphone.


Mentor Speak

Swati Bhatnagar

“I signed up to Mentor To Go because I had a very positive experience doing the in-person mentoring program in Pune. The feeling that you get after talking to someone, and when you realise you can touch someone else's life and create a difference. Apart from just doing things in your regular life. After being with my first mentee, and seeing that she is going to have something much more in her life; that motivated me to sign-up for the second program. It has a been a really unique experience to get to know my mentee over just the phone. The mentoring curriculum doesn't just benefit them. When you read through it you realise that you face pretty much the same situations in your daily life. Instead of focusing only on what I have to say in each call, I started trying to actually understand what she feels about things. Stand in her shoes and understanding what she feels, why she feels that way.”

Nisha George

I think the concept of Mentor To Go is brilliant. Initially when I heard about it, I never thought something like this could be done. But i think it was made very easy. I didn’t have to be in any particular place for this experience, especially since I travel a lot. It didn’t matter where I was, provided I had a phone connection, and an internet connection.I think tech has been used very well I saw that my mentee became a lot more patient now than before. She also thinks critically. She can think from another person's point of view. Over conversations she has begun to understand how people are different. Everyone does not have to act in a certain way or in a way she thinks or does. I think she is more reflective now and thinks before she acts or reacts to any cues.

How it works

  1. Download the app from the Playstore.
  2. Sign-up to be a mentor.
  3. Submit information about yourself, your personality, your motivation, and your life & career experiences over 4 rounds.
  4. Complete 4 training modules.Once you clear the screening stage, we will match you with a mentee.
  5. Start your mentoring journey on our app. It is that simple.


Mentor To Go is an exciting new mobile mentoring program from Mentor Together, a non-profit organisation established in 2009. We’re India’s first and largest youth mentorship non-profit organisation. Mentor Together's mission is to provide children at-risk and youth facing adversity with lasting, fun and empowering one-on-one relationships with mentors in order to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. Mentor Together’s model is evidence based. We combine a deep knowledge of mentoring literature and youth development, with the rigour of designing robust program frameworks and operational processes. Mentor Together has worked with over 4500 young people across 6 cities since 2010. In 2018, we are working with 2000 mentees, across the cities of Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad; and also rural and peri-urban areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Mentor Together works with a range of partners in designing and executing mentoring programs. Mentor To Go in particular, is supported by Cisco India CSR
Mentor To Go is an Android app through which mentors and mentees can sign-up, complete screening processes, find the right mentorship match, access a unique work-readiness mentoring curriculum, and network with a larger group of mentors and mentees.  Our vision is to have a mobile mentoring platform that makes mentorship accessible to young people across the length and breadth of India. And which provides mentors across the country a chance to indelibly change the life of a young person.
In 2018-2019, Mentor To Go will work with a 1000 young people from low-income families across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi-NCR. They will access a mobile mentoring program aimed at improving their work-readiness. 70% of the students will be pursuing Engineering courses. And 30% will be studying for other types of degrees and diplomas.
Mentors are the critical anchors of our program. You can be located anywhere in the country. A mentor will have to commit about 6 hours to complete screening and training processes over 2 weeks. This will happen through our app, and also through a few phone calls. Once selected into the program and matched with a mentee, a mentor will have to commit 6 hours per month for 8-10 months. In this period, mentors and mentees will complete a 23 session work-readiness curriculum. Mentor To Go is a mobile mentoring program, so all of this will be guided by curriculum, audio, video and chat communications via the app, and other tools. Mentor To Go is only an Android based app at the moment, so you will need an Android smartphone to access it.  
Mentors and mentees will have to complete initial screening stages on the app. Through these stages we will collect a range of information on interests, career & academic background, personality traits, motivation etc. Once all stages of screening are submitted, our staff will do one discussion with the mentor or mentee applicant to review their application, and discuss any pending questions. We will then move mentors and mentees into the matching phase. Here our matching algorithm will use the data collected to identify strong matches between mentors and mentees. Mentees will be shown their top matches. They will be able to mark out the matches they feel best suited for them. That request will go to the respective mentors. Once a mentor also confirms their interest the match will be confirmed. In our 2018-2019 program, all matching will be 1-is-to-1 matching.
The Mentor To Go app will host our unique work readiness mentorship curriculum. This 23 session curriculum will help a pair build a strong relationship, and work on different aspects of personal development that relate to work readiness. Topics include building strong social and emotional skills, understanding one's aptitude, personality and values, how to prepare for a job search, how to build and grow a career etc. Each session builds on evidence and practice from fields of mentoring, youth development, and. career psychology. As a mobile mentoring curriculum, the app will host a range of interactive tools to present content, allow for discussions, track progress and provide feedback.